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Goodwin Park Rental Application


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    1. Notes

      Goodwin Park is located at 311 68th Place, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743. An applicant would be renting the pavilion and picnic area (this includes the restrooms already inside the park). Basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamond and surrounding areas are considered common space and are available for public use. Additional fees may be assessed for events where it is anticipated that more than 150 are expected to be in attendance.

      Applications and final payment are due at least 15 days prior to the event unless otherwise noted.

      A $250 application fee is due upon submission of the application. The deposit is refundable if all park rules and regulations are adhered to.

      Please read and complete the entire application prior to submission. Failure to complete the entire application will result in denial of the request.

      Submitting Payments

      • Make checks payable to: The City of Seat Pleasant.
      • Make online payments via our Payment Portal.