Smart City

Together, we can provide a comprehensive smart ecosystem that large cities can’t easily echo. Are you ready to equip your city for the future?

Command & Control Center

Small. Smart. Seat Pleasant, MD.  The world’s first authentic small smart city - powered by the Command and Control Center.

We’re the world’s first authentic small urban ecosystem using technology to improve community efficiency, increase government transparency, save time, strengthen trust in publicly-funded systems, and equip America’s small cities for the future.

Download our Command and Control Center Package (PDF) to learn more.

The Smart Advantage

  • 40% improvement in Neighborhood and Commercial Compliance Department's efficiency
  • 90% improvement in municipal services response time
  • 34% increase in property values
  • 91% residents feel more invested in the community

Learn more about the Small Smart Advantage (PDF).

Small Smart City ProcessThe Seat Pleasant Small Smart City Process

Seat Pleasant’s small smart city model includes our proven process and access to a shared services hub, which leverages data to anticipate citizen’s needs and offers small cities smart technologies at affordable rates.

A [Small Smart] Testbed of Innovation

The small smart advantage means building partnerships that expand possibilities. Join a community that’s eager to showcase technology’s abilities, provide competitive benefits, and share transparent data for success.


Meet our partners bringing innovation to small cities around the world:

Partners Bringing Innovation to Small Cities