Taxes in Seat Pleasant

  1. Current Tax Rate
  2. Semi-Annual Tax Payment Plan
  3. Personal Property Tax
  4. Late Payment Penalties

The current Real Property Tax Rate is $0.58 per $100 Assessment Value. Real property taxes are assessed and billed in advance on a fiscal year basis, commencing July 1 of each year. The City of Seat Pleasant Real property tax is included in the consolidated Prince George's County tax bill.

Real property tax bills are issued in July, by the County, with payment due by September 30th. The liability for timely payment of real property tax is the responsibility of the property owner, irrespective of whether a mortgage lender customarily makes payment from an escrow account.

During the spring of each year, the County processes requests from mortgage lenders to have original tax bills sent directly to the lender, in which case the property owner is issued a duplicate bill indicating that a lender has requested the original. Property owners should confirm with their respective mortgage lender that the lender intends to make a payment. This is particularly true in the case of recent refinancing or transfer of mortgages between lenders.

Processing & Responsibilities

The Finance Department will assist property owners with questions relating to lender tax payments; however, the ultimate responsibility for timely payment rests with the property owner(s).

Although Prince George's County processes the tax bills for the City, The Finance Department remains capable of addressing tax bill inquiries regarding account balance, tax rate and assessments.