1. 1850s to 1900s
  2. Becoming Seat Pleasant
  3. 1980s to 2010s
  4. 2017 to Today
  5. The Mayors of Seat Pleasant

Seat Pleasant is a friendly community located just over the District of Columbia line at its northeast corner. The site is part of what had been the Williams-Berry estate until the descendants of General Otho Holland Williams, a Revolutionary War hero, and James Berry, a mid-17th-century Puritan leader, sold it to Joseph Gregory in 1850.

Designers of the Chesapeake Beach Railway, constructed in 1897 to 99 between Washington and Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County, located their first station in Maryland (or last, depending on the direction of travel) on the railway's right-of-way that traversed the Gregory property. They called the station District Line.

In 1906, the growing number of residents in the area around the station adopted a more imaginative name for their community - Seat Pleasant, after the early Williams-Berry estate.