What should candidates know?

Important Information for Candidates

In accordance with the City of Seat Pleasant City Charter, candidate applications and registered voter petitions, which shall include the names and signatures of at least 20 registered voters in the City of Seat Pleasant, must be submitted to the Office of the City Clerk by 5 pm on Tuesday, July 14, 2020; no exceptions. Once voter qualifications have been verified, qualified candidates will be notified of certification to run for the petitioned office.

Section C-610 Nominations

Candidates for election to the office of Councilmember or Mayor shall file with the Board of Election Supervisors a petition signed by at least 20 registered voters of the City of Seat Pleasant at least 60 days (including Sundays and holidays) prior to the date of such election. Such petition shall state:

  • The name and address of the candidate
  • The fact that such person is eligible for election to the office of Councilmember or Mayor
  • That such person wishes his name placed on the ballot as candidate

Such petition shall be sworn to by the person filing same, both as to the fact of the candidate's eligibility and as to the genuineness of the signatures of such petition. No person shall be eligible for elective City public office who has not fulfilled the requirements of this section. No candidate shall file for election for more than one City public office at any one election.

The Candidate packets may be retrieved from 9 am to 5 pm at Seat Pleasant City Hall located at:
6301 Addison Road
Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

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