Speed Enforcement


The City of Seat Pleasant, Prince George's County Maryland is operating an Automated Speed Enforcement Program (Speed Cameras). This Program includes the use of speed monitoring systems which photograph vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour or greater, in designated school zones and designated Institutes of Higher Education areas listed in this record.  The City of Seat Pleasant began operation of all new camera locations with a 30 Day warning period.

In 2010 The City of Seat Pleasant, Prince George’s County, Maryland began issuing $40 violation (Fine) notices to the registered owners of vehicles that exceeded the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more in these areas. This Program allows the movement of speed monitoring systems to various locations as directed by the Chief of Police.

The hours of operation for school zone enforcement are 6:00am – 8:00pm, Monday – Friday. A school zone is an area within a half-mile radius of any school established by the City of Seat Pleasant, Prince George's County and the State Highway Administration, pursuant to the Maryland Transportation Code 21-803.1.

The City of Seat Pleasant has used and/or intends to use speed monitoring systems at the locations listed below. This record is an advertisement of prior and new locations. All Maryland State Highways on this list are subject to approval by the Maryland State Highway Administration.

School:                                                              Location:

Central High School                                            6300 - 7000 Blocks of Central Avenue

Seat Pleasant Elementary School                       5000 -6500 Blocks of Addison Road

Seat Pleasant Elementary School                       5000 -6500 Blocks of Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy

Seat Pleasant Elementary School                       5000- 6000 Blocks of Seat Pleasant Dr.

Carmody Hills Elementary School                        5500 – 6800 Blocks of Seat Pleasant Dr.

Failure to obey traffic signals is one of the primary causes of crashes at intersections. According to preliminary estimates by the Federal Highway Administration in 2001there were approximately 218,000 crashes at intersections that are caused by drivers who run red lights.

In an effort to remedy this national epidemic, The State of Maryland passed a law in April 1997 that went into effect in October 1997 (Transportation Article 21-202.1) that allows the use of Automated Enforcement by law enforcement agencies. Automated Enforcement detects and identifies violators of the law without the dependency of a police presence. This allows police officers to focus on other urgent community needs. In addition, Automated Enforcement is proven to reduce the number of red light violations by 40 percent.

As we continue to strive to reduce motor vehicle collisions, especially those occurring at intersections, the City of Seat Pleasant has implemented the latest new camera technology used for red light safety. These cameras have the ability to record multiple violations occurring at the same time. The cameras capture clear photos of the violating vehicles along with a video clip of the violations.

With this new technology, in addition to our current enforcement of the steady red signal, we will also conduct enforcement of the Maryland Traffic Law 21-202, right turn on red without stopping. These cameras only activate after the traffic signal has turned red.

Camera Locations:

Addison Rd and Central Ave

Addison Rd and Martin Luther King Jr. Highway

Addison Rd and Drylog St

The City of Seat Pleasant does not take payments at our Police Department or City Hall. In person payments can be made at the payment center located at;

9418 Annapolis Road

Suite #104

Lanham, Maryland 20706

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm

(closed during lunch hour 1:00pm-2:00pm)

Payments can also be made over the phone by calling Customer Service at (866) 979-4824.The online citation payment website is:  www.onlinepaymentcitation.com. In the event your citation is in the arrears and has been “flagged”, it will be necessary for you to pay the citation and then get a “VR-19” from the Seat Pleasant Police Department.