Historic Seat Pleasant

Addison Chapel
Addison Chapel is one of the oldest standing ecclesiastical structures in Prince George's County. Although the current chapel (the third on this site) was probably built after the Revolutionary War, its simple Anglican styling reflects the Colonial-era, Church of England-influenced designs, of which few remain. Addison Chapel was first established in 1696 as a chapel of ease for St. John's at Broad Creek. The parish it serves was one of the thirty original Maryland parishes, created in 1692 when the Church of England was first established in the state. It was named for Colonel John Addison, of Oxon Hill plantation, a leading proponent of the Anglican Church. Addison was responsible for the establishment and construction of Addison Chapel. The chapel is also known as the worshipping, and subsequent burial, place of a number of prominent Maryland families such as the Addisons, Lowndes, Stodderts and Calverts.
*Excerpt from the Library of Congress
Benjamin Stoddert
Benjamin Stoddert (1751-December 13, 1813) was the first United States Secretary of the Navy. He served from May 1, 1798 until March 31, 1801.

Benjamin Stoddert died on December 13, 1813, he is buried at Addison Chapel along with his wife Rebecca Stoddert.
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