City Administrator

About the Department

The City Administrator is employed by the City Council and is responsible for the proper administration of all day-to-day affairs of the City with the power to direct the proper execution of the Charter, City Code and such resolutions, regulations, and policies as the Council adopts.

The Office is responsible for implementing Council adopted policies, goals, and objectives, and overseeing operations and the City’s use of public resources.

This includes:
  • Supporting informed public decision-making
  • Assuring responsive and effective service delivery
  • Promoting the City’s long-term financial health
  • Providing leadership for City staff
  • Department Staffing
The department is staffed by the following positions:
 City Administrator
 Jeannelle Wallace
 Customer Service Support Staff
Tameika Hill
Director of Public Engagement
Sharron Lipford
Public Engagement Administrative Assistant
Human Resources Officer
Beverly Barber

Economic Development
Weyimi Ayu

Grants Manager
 Kyrthlyn Rhoda
The City Administrator provides supervision for all City departments, including:
  • Public Engagement
  • City Treasurer
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • Code Enforcement