Mayor's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Seat Pleasants’ official website. We are delighted that you stopped by our page. This page has been designed to be empowering, engaging and educational. You will be able to access information pertaining to our Legislative and Administrative arms of government that will help you learn more about Seat Pleasant. Additionally, you will learn about our past accomplishments, current projects and future aspirational goals.

To that end, the City Council voted to designate Seat Pleasant a Smart City making it the FIRST in the state of Maryland. The Smart City initiative will employ cloud based "internet of things" (IOT) and cognitive computing capabilities scaled to a size affordable by Small Town USA, where most Americans live. We are currently working with subject matter experts where information is available to anyone at any time to improve their lives. Our Seat Pleasant Smart City of Excellence will be one that is Better, Faster, Personalized Citizen Services making it a "City for Me." As a small American municipality we are challenged everyday with finding ways to deliver services effectively and efficiently and provide meaningful and innovative methods to engage our citizenry.

To that end, we are on the journey. With a substantial loan from USDA Rural Development positioning us to transform our city and significantly better serve our people. Seat Pleasant is becoming a place where you can live, work, play and want to stay. The future is now for Seat Pleasant and we invite you to join us on our journey.

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