Reveral L. Yeargin, Ward III

Reveral L. Yeargin in September 1996 became the representative for the residents in Ward III. Mr. Yeargin moved to the City of Seat Pleasant in March 1990 as a first time home buyer. Mr. Yeargin chose this area out of four other locations within the Metropolitan Area. After moving to the community, it has instantly exceeded his expectation. The neighbors, police and public works staff and the Councilmember Evelyn Chase, they all welcome me into the community and in 1995 Ms. Chase inspired me to become the next representative for Ward III, and at that point, I had taken the challenge to meet every resident within Ward III. Councilman Yeargin was the youngest person to be elected as Councilperson in 1996.

Mr. Yeargin had introduced numerous pieces of legislation that was passed such as Animal Control and Street Control devices, Street humps to promote resident safety.
I had taken the initiative to make the resident aware of our services by riding with the Public Works Department, Public Safety and Code Enforcement, which encouraged me to write an article on the insight of the Departments. Due to the article we have changed the way we implement business within the City of Seat Pleasant. Mr. Yeargin hosted an annual prayer breakfast from 1996-2001 for Ward III residents.

Mr. Yeargin had become a student in the political arena by seeking improvement efforts through training at Maryland Municipal League and the National League of Cities by connecting and communicating with other colleagues locally and abroad with an effort to beautify the community by changing the fa├žade of the business community. Mr. Yeargin was the Region III Director in 1999 for the National Black Caucus of local Elected Official.

Mr. Yeargin is presently one of the senior members on the Council and still looking for newer ways of governing the affairs of our City, so we may continue to stay efficient in spending tax payer dollars, by monitoring the activities of the Public Safety Department and making sure the Public Works Department is on top of the cleanliness of our City. Mr. Yeargin has introduced legislation to change the name of a road to Barack Obama Road to recognize the accomplishment of those who have achieved higher standards in the national political arena.

Councilman Yeargin was a candidate for County Council in 2002. Mr. Yeargin is inspired to go further in his political career in either, County Council, Delegate and Senator as representative for the 24th Legislative District.
Yeargin Official Photo 2016

Reveral L. Yeargin

Councilmember Ward III