Lamar Maxwell, Ward I

Councilman Lamar Maxwell has been an active Seat Pleasant, Maryland native for 30 years. Mr. Maxwell is a product of the Prince George's County Schools system and graduated from Prince George's Community College School of Hybrid Technology in. 

Councilman Maxwell has a true appreciation for his family and the engagement of his community. Because of his dedication to his community, Lamar is an active member of the Mt. Victory Baptist Church in Seat Pleasant where he serves on several ministries, including the Male Chorus, Voices of Victory, Young Men’s Sunday School, and Usher Ministry. He has built several community partnerships such as volunteering with Seat Pleasant Elementary school, the Seat Pleasant Civic Association, Q’s Barbershop and the Mt. Victory Baptist Church Community Outreach Ministry. Maxwell is so engaged and comfortable with his family and Seat Pleasant residents that he is affectionately known as “Mardi”. 

Mr. Lamar Maxwell recognizes the time has come for us to stand together and make the city a better place. He understands that the choices made in our city affect each and every one of us. His plan is to bridge the gap between the city’s government and its residents in order to establish and maintain democracy through transparency and tangible results. His motto is “Taking Seat Pleasant to the MAX so we all can live WELL.”

Maxwell Official Photo

Lamar Maxwell

Councilmember Ward I