Why is Seat Pleasant Transforming?

Small Municipalities are struggling with providing their citizens with excellent services, limited by declining funding, increasing costs and citizen needs.

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Our Answer: A Smarter City

Seat Pleasant defines Smart City services as offering services that are better, faster and more personalized, making it a "City for ME" using information and communication technologies with the Internet of Things (IOT). To simply put it, Seat Pleasant is a connected City, striving to directly benefit the residents and grow the businesses. 

With an Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) as our core information management solution, we will leverage existing data sources and enhance them with sensor-based information in our vehicles, streetlights and smartphones. 

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What is an Intelligent Operations Center?

An Intelligent Operations Center integrates systems providing visibility into overall city, and underlying agency status, and helps optimize operational efficiency. Integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration, and deep analytics help city agencies prepare for problems, plan for growth, and coordinate and manage response efforts. As a result, leaders can effectively deliver services in a more sustainable fashion, enhancing the ongoing efficiency of city operations while protecting citizens and driving economic growth.

Seat Pleasant's Intelligent Operations Center provides:

  1. Better coordination between our City Departments to reduce inefficiencies
  2. Improved handling of emergencies
  3. Better citizen access to city data for service requests and complaints—as soon as we know it, you know it
  4. The right information for all of Seat Pleasant—citizens, employees, and elected officials at reduced costs for:
    •Day to day city operations
    •Planned events such as parades or Kevin Durant Day
    •Predicted weather events such as snow storms or flooding
    •Unplanned events like fires and water main breaks
  5. A fundamental shift of information and power back to the people, for greater community participation and long term stability
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